Today, we’re continuing a long-standing tradition of Appalachian apiculture through the Appalachian Beekeeping Collective.

We are partnering experienced beekeepers with trainees to learn the necessary skills to become entrepreneurs, empowering them to participate in lucrative and sustainable industries.

The Appalachian Beekeeping Collective program trains new beekeepers in the art, science, and business of beekeeping. The Beekeeping Collective has the potential to bring millions of dollars into the region, while offering job options for hundreds of people. By building a corps of skilled beekeepers in our region, we are helping to establish the colonies of pollinators necessary to ensure our mined land restoration projects succeed.

Our program provides bees, hive boxes, equipment, education and support for new beekeepers. The Appalachian Beekeeping Collective provides initial bee colonies and materials for free or at reduced cost on an income-based sliding scale. Our educational staff supports our members by teaching them beekeeping skills in classrooms and then through visits to their homes to monitor their progress, building up to more advanced skills over time.

Appalachian Headwaters will process, market, and distribute products like honey and wax to high-demand markets otherwise inaccessible to small-scale beekeepers, earning top dollar for our members. This program is currently focused on 17 counties in southern West Virginia, with the goal of expanding into southwestern Virginia and eastern Kentucky. We expect to have honey and other products for sale in the summer of 2018.