Our Member Beekeepers

Trainee Beekeepers

Each year, Appalachian Headwaters trains and supports a class of new beekeepers as they learn the art, science, and business of beekeeping.

Through the fall and winter, our staff members teach a series of programs designed to introduce beginners to the skills and knowledge required for successful beekeeping. We then use an application process to select a class of trainee beekeepers from the pool of people who attended our classes.

In late spring, we provide our new partners with strong hives of overwintered bees and the equipment necessary for their hives to thrive. Headwaters provides these materials on a sliding scale based on household income. Many of our members receive their materials for free, while others have their portion of the cost deducted from honey sales later in the season.

Our staff  works closely with our partner beekeepers throughout the year as they maintain their hives and process their honey. We support ABC members with regular visits to their apiaries, open hive demonstrations, and on-call help for any beekeeping issues. This support also ensures that all members are abiding by our natural beekeeping protocol. To learn more about how you can join next year’s class of new partner beekeepers, visit here.

Hear more about the experience from of one of our member beekeepers:

2018 Class of Beekeepers

Mike Davis – Coal City, West Virginia

Emily Landseidel – Ronceverte, West Virginia

Beth and Neal LaFerriere – Alderson, West Virginia

Gail Murano – Flat Top, West Virginia

Melvin Smith – Fayetteville, West Virginia

Lynn Reed – Hinton, West Virginia

Vickie Hylton – Danese, West Virginia

Clinton Curtis – Fayette County, West Virginia

Bruce Alley – Rupert, West Virginia

Carie Ortman – Alderson, West Virginia

Larry Cochran – Jumping Branch, West Virginia

Jennifer Ford – Princeton, West Virginia

Walker Hager – Ronceverte, West Virginia

Lora Winston – Lewisburg, West Virginia

Vicki Gallaher – Crawley, West Virginia

Curtis Jones – Hinton, West Virginia

Richard Allen Hawver – Ronceverte, West Virginia

Leisa Moten – Pipestem, West Virginia

Jerry Belcher – Princeton, West Virginia

Kate Wood – Alderson, West Virginia

Jana Walls – Athens, West Virginia

Kevin Johnson – Alderson, West Virginia

Timothy Hoke – Peterstown, West Virginia

Benjamin Hatcher – Beckley, West Virginia

John Sharp – Ghent, West Virginia

Taylor Ray – Beaver, West Virginia

Jason Young – White Oak, West Virginia

Drema and Billy McNeal – Beckley, West Virginia

Kenneth Meadows – Pipestem, West Virginia

Theresa Biggs – Alderson, West Virginia

Kenny Brogan – Jumping Branch, West Virginia

Jonathon Lipscomb – Hinton, West Virginia

Bob Matson – Beckley, West Virginia

John Pauley – Crawley, West Virginia

Mark Richmond – Sandstone, West Virginia

Steve Pack – Hinton, West Virginia