Streams & Forests

Appalachian Headwaters is working with leading scientists to re-establish productive native hardwood forests and to restore water quality on former mountaintop removal mines and other large-scale surface mine sites in our region. We will cultivate commercially viable forests composed of native hardwoods and non-timber forest products on what are currently severely degraded ecosystems. Our projects will improve impaired mountain streams so they can again support native aquatic life, helping our region’s recreation and tourism industry. Our work will also promote the production of economically valuable agroforestry and other sustainable forest products.

Without intervention, hundreds of thousands of acres in Appalachia will be unable to support native vegetation and wildlife for generations to come. We work with leading scientists from the University of Kentucky, University of Maryland, and Virginia Tech to implement innovative forest and stream reclamation practices that restores native forests and streams. Not only will the reforestation and stream restoration activities create direct jobs, but restoration of native ecosystems will lead people to stay in and to relocate to the region because of its environmental assets and recreational opportunities.

Check back to learn more details about our reforestation projects soon to be underway.