Appalachian Headwaters

High School Internships

Appalachian Headwaters’ High School Internships will be awarded to rising 10th, 11th, and 12th grade students. Interns will enroll in a multi-year paid internship program focused on scientific and conservation work, the college application process, and advanced academic enrichment activities. This is a paid internship.

This program will provide “hands-on” and more traditional learning opportunities, to promote intellectual curiosity, to enrich and supplement high school classes, provide SAT or ACT preparation, and to generally help prepare high school students to apply for and succeed in college.

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Internships will take place during intensive full-time summer sessions and also during the academic year. Students will spend approximately half of their time working in one or more of Appalachian Headwaters’ programs (working with honey bees, native pollinator science, environmental education, summer camps, and native plant horticulture). Much of this work will be outside, together with Headwaters’ staff, and will include physical labor.

Our staff are all experts in their fields, several with advanced degrees. Through their work at Headwaters, interns will not only contribute to our programs, but will also gain valuable work experience, strong recommendation letters, and practical skills. This work will help students build a solid resume for college applications and teach them about science and the outdoors as they work. High school interns will also work with and learn from Headwaters’ college interns.

Interns will spend the remainder of their time in advanced academic enrichment activities designed to help them apply to college, apply for college financial aid, and to succeed in college.  Most importantly, this part of the program is intended to stimulate intellectual curiosity and teach important academic skills.  Headwaters will provide to programs in areas including SAT/ACT prep, writing, and possibly other areas such as languages, science, history, literature and math, depending on the needs and interests of the students in the program. Appalachian Headwaters will also work with students to help apply for college, access scholarship funding, and may even be able to provide additional help funding college. The program will be provided at no cost to the interns.

Location: Most of the work will occur in Greenbrier County, at either our office in Downtown Lewisburg or our Educational Park about six minutes outside of town. Interns will be expected to have transportation.

Pay and Work Requirements: Students applying for the program should approach the program with the intent to participate for at least two years: two summers and two school semesters. We encourage applications from rising 10th and 11th graders. Students in the program will earn $3,000 for their participation in the program each summer. The summer program will run for 10 weeks and students are expected to work or study for approximately 40 a week, from June 7 – August 13. Study will take place with teachers or internet-based leaning at our Lewisburg office (computers will be available to interns for use on premises).

Students will also earn $500 each semester during the school year. Interns are expected to participate in activities after school and on some Saturdays, with the expectation of at least 7 hours per week. The program is not intended to get in the way of school; instead, it is intended to enhance the intern’s performance at school. If there are activities or requirements that we need to work around with an interested student (for example, a sports season or participation in a drama production), we will try to accommodate them. We hope this program will help the student get into, be able to afford, and succeed in college. We want to work with motivated students.

Selection Criteria: Academic achievement, interview (likely will be virtual), intellectual curiosity, recommendations, writing sample, financial need (first generation college applicants preferred).